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2020 will transform your life at the core.

Everything you've done so far has been training you for this transformation.

You can feel more fulfilled, aligned, strong, and supported.

The world is yours to claim it.

This is year of to build your dreams.

Yet, you must take the necessary steps to do so.

The steps that are aligned with your purpose, with YOU as an individual.

That means you are clear on the what and why of your life.

What could be on the way?

As this massive rewiring process is happening new themes are surfacing in many of you who are undergoing this transmutation process.

DNA restructuring

Perhaps you are noticing sleep interruptions, emotional sensitivities, or a desire to withdraw, highlighting the amount of activation occurring in our energetic body and DNA. It is part of your expansion.

The purging of heavy, dense thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that we are seeing now in our own lives and in the world around us is absolutely a normal part of this process.

Mind and Emotions

The mind has long held onto old beliefs, habits, ideology, traditions, and other attachments it has identified with.

The mind doesn’t like change, because it thinks it will lose something-itself - as a result.

Those who have been doing the inner work understand that the only way to move through the old patterns now coming to the surface, is to first acknowledge and embrace whatever emotions need to be felt.

Especially in the body, because that’s where stagnant energy is held.

This helps the mind feel safe enough to allow old stuck emotions to come up to the surface, to be felt and acknowledged.

The old wounds and fear patterns can then allow themselves to be seen, heard, and honored by us.

If you’re finding yourself getting caught up in the fear, be extra kind and gentle with yourself, and know that you are not alone.

The way we resolve fear is to allow ourselves to fully honor it.

We honor fear by allowing ourselves to acknowledge and feel what needs to be felt.

We are sensitive energetic beings, and have been taught to store fear somewhere deep inside our body and mind, because we just don’t want to feel it.

Yet as soon as we give our feelings the time and attention they need to be felt and acknowledged completely - those feelings no longer become a burden that control us.

Instead, something extraordinary happens.

The feelings soften, and bring us back to a state of grace and peace.

Imagine what life would be like for you, once you intentionally created/manifested from a space of ease, grace, and peace!


A major turning point is birthing itself in each of our lives, and for humanity as a whole.

You’ve probably felt for a while now that something was up.

You may have noticed how powerful and intense the energies have been in recent years.

For the past 70-plus years, and especially recently, the veil of illusion on our planet has been dissolving.

To live behind the veil of illusion is an agreement most humans make before they enter this world.

This veil has been a part of each person’s personal commitment to learning about duality, through the process of forgetting who we are.

Forgetting who we are has allowed us to learn more about ourselves, as physical extensions of the Universe, of life, and of all our feedback experiences, whether they resonated with our core essence or not.

We agreed to this forgetting, because our Souls believed in us enough to know that we would eventually come back to remembering the magnificence of who we really are.

That era of forgetfulness lasted for thousands of years.

We’ve been blessed by many way-showers, throughout history who have planted seeds of remembrance for all of humanity, to help us come home to ourselves when we were ready.

The time for us to come home to our most authentic and expanded selves has finally arrived.

The year 2020 will serve as the major turning point in our linear history (though linear time itself is an illusion).

It will allow us to witness expansion, healing, and change in our personal lives and in the world like never before, so we are ready for the new theme of humanity trajectory in the year 2027.

The time for us to individually and collectively dissolve the veil of illusion is here.

The economy will reflect all these changes.

New inventions - technologies and discoveries that will serve to unite, awaken, and inspire us, bringing great healing to humanity and our planet in ways we’ve previously thought to be only in sci-fi movies.

Big progressions in the areas of medicine, education, business, global money exchange, governments, and other institutions.

These will be reformed, refined, and upgraded to serve everyone, not just a select few who think they have been running the show this whole time.

Human factor is the common theme of any boardroom strategy.

Which means respecting individuality and their talents and strengths.

Ending of old patriarchal structures to new ways of co-existing, allowing for a balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies in our co-creations.

The new way of working will be founded on principles of integrity and transparency, and be of benefit to all people.

This is it, Reborners!

It’s the beginning of a completely new reality!

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