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I'm Keidi

I believe the transition into the emerging new Earth can happen with gratitude, grace & lots of celebration.
I connect deeply with you on our private sessions, and I also facilitate retreats, ceremonies & meditations that inspire deep transformation and self-actualization.

As a trained master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy & Life coaching and Nutrition Science, I bring the tools and skills to cause a new personal & healthy collective reality. 
As a spiritual teacher & healer, I share the loving energies of Divine Healing Hands, Eastern alternative medicine, Reiki and other quantum energetic modalities. I use my intuition and easy and clear manner of simplifying personal development to enable you live a miraculous life.

"Keidi brings the tools and skills to cause a new personal & collective reality."

I am also a huge lover of dancing, music and art, and I use them to connect and bring exceptional practitioners of the healing arts to festivals and special events.

At Global Woman Summit 

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