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Expressing authentically. Voices of the Throat.

Speaking authentically keeps us in alignment with the truth of Who We Are, and helps us fulfill our purpose without effort.

The Throat Center is our place of expression and manifestation.

It is the most complex of all the Centers in our Human Life Blueprint.

The words we choose in speaking and writing influence what we express, the impact we make, and how others perceive us.

Our words set the tone for our own baseline “vibe”, as well as our interactions.

When we are authentic in our communication, we speak from the core of "Who We Are" and express a coherent alignment of our energy.

That’s when things go better and flow better. That’s when we speak our truth. That’s when we impact the world around us in ways that are correct for us and, ultimately, correct for everyone else.

In Human Design, our Throat Center relates to the Thyroid and Parathyroid glands that control the making of thyroid hormones, which regulate our body’s metabolism.

Following conception, the Throat Center becomes the energetic foundation of the fetus, and ultimately affects how every other center is formed and functions throughout our entire lifetime.

The throat center is the place where we articulate, express and manifest from.

The Throat Center is the place we articulate, express and manifest from.

It is the most complex of all the centers in our BodyGraph.

It has huge responsibility to handle a lot of intense demands.

What Are “Voices of the Throat ?

Each gate energy connected with the Throat Center indicates a particular approach to communicating - a specific way of expressing yourself.

This image identifies them well.

When you have ANY Throat gates defined (colored) in your chart, using the “voices” of those gates when you speak and write will allow you to communicate authentically for YOU.

Even if you don’t have a particular Throat Gate defined, it’s useful to understand it because:

  • The people in your life may have it defined, and knowing THEIR authentic voice will help you in your interactions with them.

  • If you are around someone who has that gate defined, you will take in and amplify that energy. So even though you don’t carry the energy of that gate consistently, so you will experience and possibly express that energy at times. Remember, we ALL experience ALL of the chart!

  • When planets or other celestial bodies are passing through any of the Throat Gates (transiting), you will likely feel those energies and may notice those around you expressing them, too.

The Throat Center is all about “what” I want to become in the world. It is how we show up, how we describe our world, how we explain who we are, what we are doing, how well we live and any other aspect of expression in our life.

All the energy of the BodyGraph flows to this center.

It functions as the hub of your body where energy is metabolized and transformed in the body.

There are 11 different voices in our throat center to express our true self.

Our greatest challenge is to identify our voice that represent our truth and use them in the most efficient and healthy way.

Through our newsletter we will describe the nature of each gate connected to the Throat Center and how you can activate their higher expression.

Subscribe to receive them, if you have not done so yet.

Happy and healthy communicating your brilliance!

Me dashuri, Diana xo

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