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Why YOU are so important.

Humanity is very much like a puzzle.

We are a breath-taking, beautiful picture puzzle comprised of 7 billion + amazing and unique pieces.

The beauty of the humanity collective is comprised of each of those unique pieces. When the pieces of the puzzle don't come together correctly, it ruins the entire face of the puzzle.

A puzzle is only as beautiful as the sum total of its pieces.

Have you seen kids getting frustrated with the process of completing the puzzle and forcing the wrong piece into the wrong opening that damages the edges and the beauty of the whole puzzle?

This happens to the humanity, if individuals are being WHO They Are Not.

The expression of the full potential and beauty of humanity is dependent on how the pieces of the whole puzzle come together.

If pieces are missing or deformed, it affects the entire picture. So, they, both, the individ and the collective suffer.

How can we reach the human consciouness where everyone accepts and live themselves fully?

We all know that loving ourself is important and how loving ourself can help heal the world.

Of course, we have loads of work to do here on the planet. People need to be fed, protected, educated, liberated, loved and sheltered.

But, we will be much more effective in doing all that and creating a new world if we are fully expressing our piece of the puzzle, and to be able to express ourselves fully, we have to love ourselves first.

Human Design shows us that self love is the energy of the Identity /Heart Center ( one of our 9 human body energetic centers) in our design, and the true self-love and the fulfillment of our own authentic potential is the capacity to have :

* a love for humanity,

* the ability to use resources to further the growth and expansion of the world,

* to create personal health and wellness on every level,

* a deeper connection with Spirit,

* the ability to use the lessons from the past to move forward,

* a powerful desire to make a positive contribution to the world and,

* a desire to create a world where everyone has an equal and powerful say in the control of their own destiny.

The best way to LOVE yourself is fulfilling your personal potential and being the best expression of your piece of the puzzle and allowing Life to move you in a much more expansive and loving direction.

You, as the magnificent, perfect expression of the Divine you are created to be, are the greatest gift you can give to the world.

There are many incredible tools on the planet to help you with self-love.

But, please get there. We need you.

In my journey of discovering the best tools for self awareness and discovery I found quite a few impressive ones helping humans navigating their personal journey and life purpose.

Human Design was the one that captivated my mind and heart with its wisdom and accuracy on human potential development.

For me and Keidi, living our Human Designs has opened so many possibilities and realities, and I invite and encourage everyone of you to embrace their own too.

If you would like to know the depth, the beauty and lessons to be learned in this lifetime, so that you fully live your soul and life purpose, I would be happy to help you.

Live and Love Yourself !

The world needs that beautiful piece of puzzle that only YOU can offer.

With Love,


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