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What Global Woman Club and Hollywood have in common?

We all love Hollywood, and yet we each have our preferences for what it produces.

Some like scary, some like romance and some documentary movies.But regardless of the theme, we are all fascinated with the creativity, quality, inspiration and entertainment it brings to our lives. It has been the Universal source of sharing the message of American dream or any other dreams come true for anyone who has the idea, courage and persistence on keeping up with it. It is a source of inspiration for humanity.

In the last few years being a keen student of life transformation programs, I have not been following Hollywood activity much and travelling Hollywood or Los Angeles has not been on the top of my list. However, I made a quick decision to be there in October for a week because of the Phenomenal Global Woman Show.Now, I have to say that being a woman with aspirations, I naturally love the Global Woman Club mission, which is empowering women, and the story of Mirela Sula, the woman behind its creation and leading it, has been quite inspiring to me.

However, being a great observer and intentional in my life, I was curious to see the unfolding of this Phenomenal Global Woman project and why it manifested in Hollywood. The experience of the 10 women living and working together for 10 days was an inspiring live show by itself.

Did I mention it was October? The 10th month of the year? I still have to ask Mirela if this 10-10-10 phenomenon was as all planned or just orchestrated by the Universe, like all the things she does.

The group was staying at the beautiful Universal City Hilton hotel, where you could find anything you wish inside and around the hotel, and also feel and see the Hollywood vibe.

When I arrived I saw the Phenomenal Global Women banners welcoming everyone on the lobby and and I smiled thinking how much love these women had spread around for the hotel to become not only their host, but a free promoter too. And then again, that’s Mirela’s magic.

The whole hotel was celebrating them.

What were some of my observations during our Hollywood adventure?

Diversity brings acceptance, acceptance brings change and more love.

Pretty soon I realized that these women were bringing a different flavour of inspiration and expertise not only to the show, but to their lives as well. Being a conscious human personality/design expert, that to me was fascinating. The synergy of the group was getting greater every day, as women were allowing space to each other to be themselves. In that process I could see they would project the best of each other, meaning they would reflect and embrace the newness easily. I was observing how by the end of their stay together, they had gotten an intangible life gift from each other. And the love coming out if it was so warm and heartening to watch. Hugging and supporting in a way that every team would dream about.

Mirela’s intention is to always create a network of diversity was clearly manifested.

We truly can create our reality.

This is a long topic for me, as I believe that that process is not as simple as just thinking of an idea and you can have it, as often as it is presented. I will have to write a separate piece on that.However, wasn’t it interesting that all these women's mindset for success was so brought alive to reality and they were living it ? And maybe they did not specifically have Hollywood in mind, however they had a big enough vision to make their work big and kept dreaming and working towards it. That was very inspiring and a great confirmation to me and I hope to everyone who reads this.

Flow, creativity and fun can bring miracles to our work.

Planning and its execution are an important part of our work. However, we are now also aware of a new way of working, quantum creation, which requires other elements in play too. And I have seen that happening with Global Woman projects.Mirela has been a model on creating a platform which allows room for spontaneous, flowing, fun, and surprise elements at her events and projects. Her natural talent and efforts to introduce all of them has amplified the emotional enjoyment of all participants and made the environment feel more authentic and satisfying. And we all know how important the feel-good factor is in the process of creation. It’s the feminine divine way of working. As a result, she has been rewarded with miracles and unexpected benefits to her work. I saw a few happening in this project too.

This has been so in alignment with my belief and mission to bring feminine divine power in business and leadership.

Anywhere Global Woman Club meets, it is the same unique style. I call it the Global Woman style and just by being there you become a leader, a speaker, and more feminine and loving at the same time. A magic I have not experienced with any other platforms.

Bringing a new message and paradigm to Hollywood.

As Hollywood is perceived sometimes as an unreachable platform for average humans, this project was a sign of real change happening, in both our perceptions and our reality.

When I first heard of this idea from Mirela, I got really excited about the idea of leveraging Hollywood media power for the new message that humanity needs now more than ever. A message of diversity and authenticity and not exclusivity and superficiality.

That made me certain that my daughter, Keidi would be very happy to join the project. And that’s why I supported the journey of these 10 Global Women from its beginning and was determined to join and be close to them during their project in Los Angeles.

I hadn't imagined to meet such an amazing, inspiring and down - to - earth people of the production crew. And again, these women wouldn't attract anything less.

We all are aware now of the energetic impact that our intention and words can have in an environment.

With Phenomenal Global Woman journey’s success, was the Hollywood stars scandal breaking just after we left Hollywood a coincidence? Wasn’t the intention of the project to create e new paradigm shift?

I was grateful and fortunate enough to be part of that powerful creation.

We all grew a few inches in those 10 days and I am grateful for their mission, the Global Woman platform and its founder Mirela Sula for creating these amazing opportunities for women around the globe.

I cant wait for the show to be aired soon and for teh whole world to hear their message.

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