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Why intuition is becoming a sought-after skill in business?

The theme of the November Collective Human Design is nurturing our Intuition and it so happened to be one of my favourite topic too .

The most successful and happiest people have mastered this skill and it has been quite a surprise to me, to find out in my awakening journey, how many of them are keenly working towards developing and deepening it.

The essence of intuition is to shift us into embodied presence and align us with our body's intelligence.

Our collective society has predominantly operated on survival-driven patriarchal principles. This created leadership, institutions and an economy that have promoted fear and separation.

During this time, the more nurturing, intuitive, and creative principles of the Divine Feminine, such as valuing the individual, honoring the Earth, and seeking natural healing and personal growth, were shoved to the side as being too passive, heart-based, and nonproductive.

Humanity has lived with this imbalance for thousands of years, and that had its purpose too; to learn lessons, heal, evolve, and come back to the truth of who we are at our core.

Simple ways to nurture intuition:

Be in your heart

Access your intuition by using unconditional love (the love a parent has for a child) and really feeling your heart. In business, we are constantly making decisions, consciously and unconsciously. As we become more conscious of ourselves and our decisions, we have the opportunity to make better decisions – decisions aligned with our heart.

Start with small decisions

Someone may ask you to go to an evening business event. Your mind says you should go because this colleague asked you, but your heart and body say you need to rest tonight. You decide to say ‘Thank you. I need a quiet night in’ and then you find out later that colleague cancels anyway. As you get more confidence and positive feedback from your decisions you can start using your heart-based intuition for bigger decisions.

Be willing to get it wrong

As you become mentally and emotionally clearer, your decisions will be more right than wrong, and much more often than ever before. It is about being brutally honest with yourself, your mind, emotions and your heart in any given moment. Be willing to allow all your decisions to be wrong and be blown away at how many right decisions you now make.

Become aware of your thoughts, emotions and body

Take a moment. Scan your body for 20 or 30 seconds to a minute or two. Once you are able to calm your mind, this will release unsettling or stressful thoughts and emotions. Feel your heart . It’s at this point that you can use your intuition. If you don’t wait until this point, you are not really accessing your intuition at all. If your mind and your emotions are blocked, you are not able to make a clear and confident decision.

The answer may not always be what our mind and ego want to hear, but it will be the truth for us and best for business.

Make November a month of nurturing your intuition.You will find that you will naturally have a higher yearning for that.

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